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SPF or spray polyurethane foam describes a category of high-performance spray foam insulation and air barrier material that delivers multiple benefits in one application. These advantages include high insulation values, near-zero air permeability, increased building strength, severe weather and flood resistance, increased occupant comfort, improved indoor air quality, reduced operating costs and lower environmental impacts.

Because spray polyurethane foam is fully adhering and seals hard-to-reach penetrations, it provides unequaled air sealing properties for the entire building envelope. Reduced uncontrolled air leakage results in lower utility bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

In fact, ENERGY STAR® reports that air leakage accounts for 25 - 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling a typical home. They estimate that a homeowner can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs by proper sealing and insulating. SPF can go far in helping both home and commercial building owners achieve these savings.

BASF spray polyurethane foam products use zero-ozone-depleting blowing agents and emit no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Moreover, the insulating air barriers also prevent outdoor allergens and pollutants from entering into homes providing improved indoor air quality. And due to their high R-value range and air barrier/infiltration characteristics, closed cell SPF like SPRAYTITE® and WALLTITE® have the lowest overall environmental impact in energy use, resource consumption, air emissions and land use.

Benefits:The benefits are too numerous to count, but the following are without a doubt is what you can look forward to:

  • Seamless, leak-free insulating roofs
  • Insulating air barrier wall systems
  • Insulating sealant continuity components
  • Almost-indestructible protective coatings

Spray-applied and seamless, SPF conforms exactly to any shape or contour, locking in leak-free comfort and energy efficiency. With a closed-cell content greater than 90 percent, SPF offers increased structural strength, long life-expectancy and low lifecycle cost.


Shops and Ag Buildings

By sealing gaps, cracks, leaks and holes within the buildings and creating air barrier continuity, polyurethane foam sealants have helped lower energy demand and consumption in all types of commercial buildings.

Grain Bins

Industrial storage containers need protection from the elements – and from their contents.

Commercial Buildings

The Engineered Building Envelope system is based on the use of products engineered at the molecular level to meet and exceed performance criteria for every code and climate.

Residental Buildings

Foundations, walls, and attics are all key air leakage control areas. Improve home energy efficiency with SPF by sealing the building envelope from top to bottom